10 September 2013


Yesterday I had a crush on this young lady. I saw Christina on instagram wearing this gorgeous hat from Preston & Olivia at New York Fashionweek a few days ago. Doesn´t it look adorable together with her short curls??!! It´s so...parisian, don´t you think?!! It makes me want to wear a Fedora instantly, but there is a problem:
Hats are not my biggest friends. Besides feeling kind of overdressed every time I wear them (except on summer holidays),  I also get a headache after wearing them for 10min. That´s just not fair!?! Anyways, when you look at Christina´s easy breezy outfits on her blog Troprouge you´ll see that she really knows how to rock hats. What about your relationship with hats?

photos: Trop Rouge, instagram @troprouge

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Kleidermädchen said...

Great styles. Love all the hats!

xoxo Jessy
Fashion Blog Kleidermädchen

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